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disaster search public assistance cameras

obtain films of disaster scenes and find survivors with them
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People love to rubberneck at accidents. People love to see big explosions and disaster areas. 9/11 was probably the most played event in human history.

So Voice was thinking, what if we attach cameras to individuals and robots in search and rescue crews and play them in real time over the internet?

They would record images in every possible band from radio to infrared. Then voyeurs all over the world could watch them for signs of hidden survivors. Imagine what ten million pair of eyeballs could have done after 9/11 to help find survivors.

It would also be possible to set up a charity-funded lottery that pays out to the first person to find a survivor.

Voice, Oct 26 2012

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       // 9/11 was probably the most played event in human history //   

       I think the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor still trumps the 9/11 attacks, but give it time.   

       Overall, [+]. It's brilliant, sick, and humanitarian.
Alterother, Oct 26 2012

       Cluster-bomb the disaster scene with innumerable minature UAVs. Link them to gaming networks and let teenagers fly one each. Charge for access, cash prize for finding a live one.
8th of 7, Oct 26 2012

       [+] I like it because that will give us more to see and evaluate. Journalists are trained to "see" and look for certain things in a certain way. As a result they miss a lot of stuff where as an amateur might see something that most of the professionals would otherwise overlook.
Jscotty, Oct 26 2012

       Reflecting upon current events, I propose amendment to [8th]'s suggestion, now specifying that the UAVs in question be Unmanned Amphibious Vehicles.
Alterother, Oct 30 2012


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