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dream saver

your computer's dreams
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when this screensaver kicks in your screen goes black like the blank screensaver. every once in a while though a random image may appear, such as a randomly selected picture from your hard drive or a screenshot of a website you visited earlier that day. perhaps some short video files will play, backwards or in slow motion. if there is a virus or spyware on your computer your dream saver will sometimes display danger icons or maybe even "wake up" occasionally, like it had a nightmare.
jaksplat, Apr 19 2008

Dreaming of electric sheep http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Electric_Sheep
[fridge duck, Apr 19 2008]

Random Image Screensaver Random_20Image_20Screensaver
Less dreamy, more random. [bungston, Apr 22 2008]

put this over your computer http://www.boingboi...captcha-for-sp.html
[jaksplat, Oct 10 2008]


       Very nice - we continue to humanise our technology.
wagster, Apr 19 2008

       I'm all for randomness. On the mac you can chose random screen saver images extracted from your iPhoto library, or did I dream that one up? +
xenzag, Apr 19 2008

       I'm sure you're right. Macs can do *anything*.
wagster, Apr 19 2008

       // we continue to humanise our technology //   

       Whereas we prefer to technologise our humans ....
8th of 7, Apr 20 2008

       It shouldn't be totally random - there should be recurring dreams (e.g. the same picture comes on every few nights)
phundug, Apr 21 2008

       //dumb. [fastthinker]//
Mon Dieu! Quelle ironie!
coprocephalous, Apr 21 2008

       Does this mean my computer might suddenly display itself, completely naked, sitting in a classroom of kids ridiculing, laughing, and pointing at it? I love those dreams…
CwP, Apr 21 2008

       The screensaver could also do some sleepwalking, by opening random websites and may be posting gibberish into chats/message boards.   


       [CwP] For the computer to display itself, it must know itself - or become self-aware in other words. This may not end well for us humans ;)
xipetotec, Apr 21 2008

       <dream mode>   

       //dumb. [fastthinker]//   

       image of a troll appears...   

jaksplat, Apr 22 2008

       kinda cool if it recalled porn from the previous week, faster and faster, then suddenly printed out a blank page and went into hibernation.   

       i know, i know... i'm just a sicko.
TIB, Apr 22 2008

       Of all the emotions and aesthetic expressions and impressions computers are capable of generating and sensing, the one that is lacking most perhaps, is sweating heavily.   

       I would love to see the occasional drop of fluid pouring out of my laptop.   

       [Also, just to test my English kills: "dream saver" - "screen saver" - "scream saver" - "cream craver". Ok.]
django, Apr 22 2008

       I would like a computer that could save *my* dreams, 'cos I never remember any of them, and I wonder if I really have them and what they might be like.
Ling, Apr 23 2008

       Every once in a while it winds up emptying the fridge at 4am?
daseva, Apr 23 2008

       Ditto [Ling].
Once in a while though, I'll remember a snippet of a dream and then I think that perhaps it may be for the best not to remember them whole.

       //Once in a while though, I'll remember a snippet//

Quite. In order to properly capture the essence of dreams the PC could save a small, random fragments of deleted files in cache. When the screensaver is activated it should show one of these random fragments for a few seconds. The fragment should slowly fade and, once gone from the screen, be permanently wiped from cache.
DrBob, Oct 10 2008

       sweat: A little orange tint around the edges and a few beads of water should do it. Can a computer dream its in school with the case left off? How about dreams of godlike power and free electricity? Does my computer dream about that cute little Toshiba, and wonder what color her RAM is and how fast she boots?
Voice, Oct 14 2008


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