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to the tune of Harper Valley PTA
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I wanna tell you all the story 'bout a baker at the halfbakery,
Who sent her ideas in for all the world to see.

Well her feller came home one day and didn’t even stop to pee,
And he said "Look I got a note from dubyadubyadubhalfbakereee"

Well the note said "Hey [dentworth] you’ve been baking on the sly.
And its reported you’ve been hangin’ round with trolls and getting high.

And we don’t believe you ought to be comin up with ideas this way.
And it was signed “Mistress of dubydubydubhalfbakeraaay.”

Well it happened that the bakers were gonna meet that very afternoon.
And they were surprised when [dentworth] strode into the room.

And as she walked up to the podium I can still recall the words she had to say.
She said I’d like to address this meetin’ of the dubyadubyadubhalfbakery.

Well there sits [Unabubba], and his profile page is getting way too long,
And there’s [etherman] smug and smirkin' who never rites a wrong.

And I think that [FarmerJohnny] shouldn’t write about the private parts of life.
And brother [zeno] has just snuck in here and brung along his pretty wife.

Then there's [Kat]and [Machavelli] who've been known to party till the dawn,
and then [contracts] and [RayfordSteele] who came back when we all thought that they were gone,

And you have the nerve to tell me as a h'baker I'm not fit,
well this is just another HoTOrNot and you're all dubya dubya hypocrites

w/no apologies to any country singer

thanks to [robinism] for help on the last.

dentworth, Mar 05 2005


       sorry, I'm very, very, very, very sorry.
dentworth, Mar 05 2005

       When does [dentworth] become a millionaire?
Shz, Mar 05 2005

       "And then you have the nerve to tell the moderATors as a baker I'm not fit.
Well this is just another HotOrNot and you're all dubya dubya hypocrites."
robinism, Mar 06 2005

       ohhh [robi] that's really good! can I use it?
dentworth, Mar 06 2005

robinism, Mar 06 2005

       "Well, this song is no invention cause it really did transpire just this way,
The day that [dentworth] stuffed a croissant up..."
robinism, Mar 06 2005

       why thanks UB, that is a little more to the point isn't it.   

       I think my high horse has a broken foot.
dentworth, Mar 06 2005

       How's his hooves doing?   

DesertFox, Mar 09 2005


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