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eBay game

Budget:__________ Time:____________ Target:__________
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Players have a budget, a time limit and a target. The purchased goods to be delivered within the time limit.

Budget: £10
Time limit: 2 months
Target: maximum number of seperate purchases from different sellers.

Budget: £20
Time limit: 10 days
Target: maximum weight of purchases not including packaging.

Budget: £0.50
time limit: 1 calendar month
target: maximum distance from seller location to buyer location for a physical delivery

The winner of each round gets to keep all of the stuff ordered by the losing competitors.

pocmloc, Feb 19 2015

A bit like this http://xkcd.com/576/
[hippo, Feb 20 2015]

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       An odd prize for your efforts, but a good choice of category.
normzone, Feb 19 2015

       Spend, spend, spend,   

       A game for the money not spent?
popbottle, Feb 20 2015

       Yes I suppose you could have a budgetary target as well, e.g. 10 items delivered from 10 different sellers, winner is person with smallest bill (or largest)
pocmloc, Feb 20 2015

       That's a GREAT xkcd link.
normzone, Feb 20 2015

       This sounds really interesting. I wish I could give it a second bun for creative categorization.
Voice, Feb 20 2015


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