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eBook Printhouse

Hardcopy printing of eBooks.
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Imagine if a place like Kinko's was set up to print in standard book sizes at a reasonable rate. You buy a book online and want a hard copy to read anywhere, so you just stop in your local Kinko's and (in English accent) *BAM* just like that, you have yourself a real book! Offer traditional paperback size, coffee table book size, etc. If there was an acceptable standard, cost shouldn't be a concern. This wouldn't be just for paperback 'novels,' but primarily for larger format books of art, photography, illustrated school texts, etc.

A new distribution method to tide us over until ePaper becomes truly usable.

ideahound, Dec 10 2004

Print-On-Demand and Ebook Producers http://www.bookmarket.com/ondemand.html
Some of these printers will produce 1 to 100 copies of your book or Ebook on demand, bind it, and even ship it. For example, see NetPub Corporation in the listings. [jurist, Dec 10 2004]

Print-On-Demand Vending Machine http://www.wired.co...tw=wn_story_related
//Print-on-demand books have been available for a few years//, and this is an article from 2001. [Worldgineer, Dec 10 2004]


       I believe this just turns "eBook" into "Book," which has been baked since the days of the printing press.
contracts, Dec 10 2004

       [contracts] Even the Print-On-Demand printers concede that it's a fine distinction, but because it is on demand and from electronic media, there is still a miniscule difference.
jurist, Dec 10 2004

       So, this invention is exactly what's already fairly widely known as "print-on-demand". Right?
jutta, Dec 10 2004

       [Worldgineer] Thanks for the link! I even live near Chesterfield, MO and wasn't aware of them.   

       [jutta] I wasn't really thinking of this as a 'novel' printer (where 'print-on-demand' is really at now), that's too easy to do. I was envisioning more large format books with good graphics for art, photography, illustrative school texts. I'll edit my original post.
ideahound, Dec 11 2004

       The next book in a long sci-fi series I am reading is ONLY available as an ebook. I guess I won't be getting that one at a used book store.   

       Is the ebook concept pretty much simple enough that going the Print it out way would be too much?
Zimmy, Sep 15 2005

       Often DRM prevents printing and it's unlikely that a reputable print-on-demand house will print an eBook, either, unless copyright terms specifically allow printing.
bristolz, Sep 15 2005


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