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Doodle-Ruled Composition

For us who write in more than just text
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Not a big idea; just a rather tiny one that I'm surprised not to find in existence.

After an extensive search I find that composition books come in only a few different rulings: wide- or college-ruled with margin, a couple sizes of quadrille, and the occasional "special ruled" with an empty top half for graphs/charts. It's nice that they'd think to make the "special" lineless drawing space, but half a page is too much for me, plus its lines only come in wide-ruled.

What I desire in a journal is to do just as many dictionaries have done: illustrate or otherwise doodle in the margins. Much as I can enjoy writing, text alone can become dull, and I may fall into -drawing- what's on my mind. It is at this point that I find those useless lines on the outer edges to be annoying. Compositions, as I imagine it, should take an alternative approach toward margins.

So, the basic idea in my head is all too simple: have a composition book skip the vertical lines, instead making margins by ending the horizonal ones. Of course, I'd also like to make sure that the margins are spacious, and that the lines are available in college-ruled.

I'd be glad to see it if this were already baked. Or is that what that open space on the top is -really- for? ;)

Albino Fox, Oct 21 2005


       I thought you meant that the blue lines would start evenly spaced at the edge of the paper and then get all squiggly in the middle of the paper, crossing eachother and making pretty tangle patterns. This would be good for people who don't think in straight lines.
JesusHChrist, Oct 22 2005

       Hah, now -that's- a fun idea. I can easily imagine a child being encouraged to write just so he could 'send his words on a roller coaster'. Now why couldn't I come up with something like -that-... :)   

       I guess I just lean more toward the overtly practical ideas.
Albino Fox, Oct 22 2005

       Good idea. Margins rule!
jutta, Oct 23 2005

       d texttexttexttext d
o texttexttexttext o
o texttexttexttext o
d texttexttexttext d
l texttexttexttext l
e texttexttexttext e
DesertFox, Oct 28 2005

       Doodle - isn't that the new image recognition competitor to Google?
normzone, Oct 28 2005

       Great idea. Nobody writes in the margin anyway.
Worldgineer, Oct 28 2005


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