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ebay extra time

maximise bidding potential
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When bidding for items on ebay someone always seems to place a higher bid in the last 5 seconds of the auction and win the item. I propose a system whereby the auction goes into extra time if there is a bid in the final minute and waits for a minute to allow people an opportunity to place a higher bid. The auction only times out when there has been no further bid for a full minute. This would mirror real-world auctions where the auctioneer calls out "for a third and final time...". I'm sure it would generate much higher sales returns for people selling on ebay.
sporn, Mar 16 2004

Trade Me (a New Zealand based auction site) http://www.trademe.co.nz/
Bakes idea above, except for two minutes instead of one. [benjamin, Oct 17 2004]

Small site, limited appeal but nevertheless... http://www.scooter-auctions.co.uk
I think it adds 15 mins after every bid. [paraffin power, Oct 17 2004]

Gunbroker http://www.gunbroker.com/
Has 15 min. Extension after bidding. [SunTzu, Oct 17 2004]


       Sort of pointless when folks are using bidding agents (as most are).
bristolz, Mar 16 2004

       not really bristolz as any bid in the final minute gives real people who are following the auction a chance to bid again.
sporn, Mar 16 2004

       Baked on another auction site. See link
paraffin power, Mar 17 2004

       well it isn't baked as I'm saying that ebay should do it and they don't.
sporn, Mar 17 2004

       What's the magic that distinguishes real bidders from software agents?
HP LoveJet, Mar 17 2004

       why does there need to be any?
sporn, Mar 17 2004

       HP magic? ebay knows if you are using it's software agent how else does it know when to increase your bid?
engineer1, Mar 17 2004

       Gunbroker already does this. They give an extra 15 minutes if there is a bid.   

       Yes it increases profit for the seller, but it makes it so you can’t find a good deal. If you can’t find a good deal why buy it on line? So the sellers would probably loose as much as they make. That is why Ebay offers the auto bidder.
SunTzu, Mar 17 2004


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