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a bicycle with an ejectable seat.
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if you cant ride with no hands this wont help you because youll have the hold the seat with both hands. anyway when riding your bike hold on tight with both hands to your seat and push a button under the seat the seat will eject 160ft into the air were it will then deploy 4 paracheuts for an even, safe landing.
stinkycheese, Feb 22 2004

Ejection stories http://www.greenhar...folder/amazing.html
Here are some amazing tales.... [normzone, Oct 17 2004]


       //if you cant ride with no hands this wont help you.//

       _Help_ me?
bungston, Feb 23 2004

       I know it's going to hurt, but I'd have to try this at least once so I could say I had.   

       There have actually been times when this would have been advisable, even though I believe ejection is very tough on a pilot.   

       I don't think sixty feet would be enough though, and the weight of the ejection mechanism might ruin the lightweight performance of my mountain bike.
normzone, Feb 23 2004

       how about 80ft
stinkycheese, Feb 23 2004

       perhaps you could have an oversized helment with a 5th parachuet ready to deploy by pushing a button on the helmet
stinkycheese, Feb 23 2004

       This actually sounds quite brilliant...
Ossalisc, Feb 23 2004

       I'm not sure that strapping an explosive charge to the underside of a bicycle seat would do much to improve one's chances of starting a family. Although I do know several people who could do with a rocket up their backsides.
egbert, Feb 23 2004

       egbert -- I thought riding a bike in the first place was a form of male contraception?
theircompetitor, Feb 23 2004

       My sister barrowed a bike with no brakes one time and didnt have a place to bail so hit a curb and went head over heels, halarious for the little brother but scary for her. had she had the eject she would have floated to safty. I see many safety aplications for this for mountain bikers.+
krod, Feb 23 2004

       Minimum safe altitude for parachute deployment is a lot higher than 80 feet. The mechanism to propel a rider sufficient distance into the air is going to wedge the seat pretty tightly up the ejectee's ass.
Zanzibar, Feb 24 2004

       is 160ft ok?
stinkycheese, Mar 02 2004

       500 feet is what they tell the military boys...thats supposed to be the limit you can't reliably go below, although if you read the stories on the link.....
normzone, Mar 02 2004


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