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empty party poppers

provide your own payload…
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for those times when it is necessary to propel something at speed.

need to fling a sample of spaghetti at the ceiling? no problem – just fill up the vacant container and screw into the explosive part of your popper and pull the string. wham! your spaghetti is on the ceiling and you can assess whether it’s cooked to perfection.

need to send a quick note to a work colleague who is 40’ away? no problem, just fold up your note into another popper and fire…

po, Jan 13 2005

Large Party Exploding Table Bomb http://www.notjustb...talog/partybomb.jpg
First hit. [skinflaps, Jan 17 2005]


       Fortune poppers?
skinflaps, Jan 13 2005

       //provide your own payload…//
I cringe to think what some people would put in them.
Ling, Jan 13 2005

       A cob of corn?
FarmerJohn, Jan 13 2005

       They'll be banned in schools in no time. Need to tell the girl in the third row you think she's cute - just pop her.
Flux, Jan 13 2005

       The possiblities are unlimited....I could do anything I wanted to anybody, pull my little party-popper string and it instantly justifies my actions...hurrah!
DaveW-H, Jan 13 2005

       And next...Cell phone poppers. Instead of a quiet text message, POP!!!!! Your cell phone flies open and jumps out of your pocket.
phundug, Jan 13 2005

       not sure that you could fit a phone into a popper?
po, Jan 13 2005

       No reason why you can't make this I suppose: The 'lid' bit that includes the cardboard cap could be a threaded part that can be screwed onto the body of the popper that contains the charge. The cardboard will still fly off and eject the added contents, no?
I think I would like some of these.
gnomethang, Jan 13 2005

       Were you inspired by leftover party poppers from New Year's Eve? :) At first glance I thought the title said "Empty Party Poopers" and thought, it can't get more boring than that. I like the idea of popping things over to another place, like raw eggs, for example.
Machiavelli, Jan 13 2005

       Party poppers are pretty easy to empty now. When I was in school a mate shot me with one fiilled with staples, they didn't do much as the tiny explosive can't fling very much stuff an interesting distance. The streamers don't go far and they weigh a lot less than spaghetti.
stilgar, Jan 14 2005

       A ping-pong ball works well. Blasting the bride and groom with rice would be, er, I mean ‘showering’...
Shz, Jan 14 2005

       I saw party poopers as well, and sort of thought, well shit, that's what they get for being so dull. But a + instead for poppers that aren't poopers.
blissmiss, Jan 14 2005

       Poopers, bliss?
skinflaps, Jan 17 2005

       <aside> [Steve, oniony]- Link.<aside>
skinflaps, Jan 17 2005


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