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encapsulating seat

The plane crashes and you survive
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A special seat to be used in planes. In the imminence of a crash the seat automatically encapsulates the passenger (by wrapping itself around him) in a secure and virtually indestructible capsule provided with oxygen for many hours and completely harmless to the encapsulated body. It works like an automobile air bag involving the driver completely but safely.
bcast, Mar 31 2008

Saudia Flight 163 http://en.wikipedia...i/Saudia_Flight_163
This scary story may be relevant in some way. [Amos Kito, Apr 01 2008]


       [bcast], welcome to the halfbakery. Please read the help file, over there on the left, under "meta".
normzone, Mar 31 2008

       Hey normzone, if you find something wrong with the post, could you just say what's wrong? You sound as if a mere glance at the helpfile will make everything obvious, or as if everybody should read it, neither of which is true...
jutta, Mar 31 2008

       I was under the impression that everybody should read the helpfile, but I could be mistaken.   

       And I read the helpfile again after I annoed above - the helpfile is well enough written (unlike most) that it pretty much does make most everything obvious.   

       But in this case I'm not seeing any explanation for what happens to all that g force. I guess if the entire jetliner was a one seater of collapsible stages you might be able to buffer the shock into manageable doses, but it's going to play hell with airfares.
normzone, Apr 01 2008

       What if someone is standing up when the seats go off? That's not gonna be good.   

       And what if someone had a limb in the way of the closing shell? Would that hurt?   

       Will they have an inbubble movie for while you wait to be freed?
daseva, Apr 01 2008

       This would encapsulate the resulting mess.
Amos Kito, Apr 01 2008

       I would replace the //secure and virtually indestructible capsule// with bubble-wrap. That way, even if you're seriously injured, you can still have some fun on the ride down.   

       This kinda' reminds me of the whole "why don't we make the plane out of the stuff the black box is made of?" question.   

       Also, would they have one in the bathroom?
Iidhaegn, Apr 01 2008


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