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end of the world currency

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are we prepared for the end of the world we are prepared

just recently the government used the space on RFID chips present at currency to store wikipedia although all government ceased it was still possible to reconstruct lifesaving food n chemistry from the RFID currency that remained spread about the world

actually how the world ends is a funny story...

beanangel, Oct 14 2009

picture of money that might have rfid zapped http://www.flickr.c...714/in/photostream/
[beanangel, Oct 14 2009]

Snopes collection of $/RFID myths. http://www.snopes.c...ess/money/strip.asp
Hogwash. [jutta, Oct 14 2009]

Here's a required reading for beanangel http://www.amazon.c...d=1255621636&sr=1-5
nothing to do with the idea, I'm just peevish. [dentworth, Oct 15 2009]


       So, the idea is to embed a lot of useful information in currency, in small chunks (64k is realistic).   

       This would be important in case the world loses the ability to read Wikipedia or other online or offline books, but still, by some miracle, retains the ability to decode RFID chips.
jutta, Oct 14 2009

       I saw the zapped currency at the link then thought if they are putting RFID on currency it could carry valuable survival knowledge   

       "full faith and credit"   

       actually billions of people carry paper currency it could be valuable to load it with data that rescues the living   

       I actually do not know if currency has RFID or not   

       RFID reading is actually just a couple transistors a capacitor a resistor plus an antenna kind of like a 70s radio shack metal detector The linear data rate depends on the coding method   

       The government could cover their "bets" this way if there is an apocalyptic downside to their policies They could implement the survival currency prior to 2012
beanangel, Oct 14 2009

       It would be infinitely better to just print encyclopedia entries on the currency. That way, it would be fun to collect, you'd always have something to read with you (as long as you carry money), and we'd all have the chance to learn something.   

       And in case of the upcoming Zombie apocalypse, you don't need some complicated device to read the thing, either.
jutta, Oct 14 2009

       food not rm -rf *
beanangel, Oct 14 2009

       What about microfiche? Short-sighted people could read it at least, if it was more than two point or so.
nineteenthly, Oct 15 2009

       Like [jutta] says, it needs to be more easily retrievable than this - if you absolutely have to use some kind of encryption method (rather than printing the plain text) perhaps a groove could be etched into the surface of coins or notes - holes being provided for rotational stability - and made playable by traditional record players - while these are not really in common usage these days, they can be operated without electricity - (a particularly useful feature come the IZA - Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse) and, for what it's worth, the overall method would provide a pretty nifty anti-fraud device as well.
zen_tom, Oct 15 2009

       Unfortunately [zen], most traditional record players have a mechanism that automatically lifts and returns the arm beneath a certain radius, so unless you're also advocating 6" coins, this would not work very well. Nice idea though!
pocmloc, Oct 15 2009

       //in case the world loses the ability to read Wikipedia or other online or offline books, but still, by some miracle, retains the ability to decode RFID chips.//

[Scratches head. Wanders off to try and cook up a suitable scenario]
DrBob, Oct 15 2009

       Any chance of fixing the punctuation leak, [beany]?
coprocephalous, Oct 15 2009

       Beany is the ee cummings of the bakery.
ldischler, Oct 15 2009

       Bean needs to learn some basic courtesy.
dentworth, Oct 15 2009

       There is a relatively easy solution to this, which is to cover banknotes in tiny print which is, however, visible if magnified, say through a dewdrop, glass or ice lens or goldfish bowl, assuming those technologies are available. Better still would be to make sure we know how to do stuff properly without relying on a complicated technological infrastructure.
nineteenthly, Oct 15 2009

       Somewhere to the bottom righthand corner of your keyboard there are the , . and ? buttons. Please practice using them regularly.
ye_river_xiv, Oct 20 2009

       //If and when the world does go downhill fast, there won't be queues of orderly people brandishing bits of paper going "me next!".//

[Rushes back in looking enthusiastic]

Day of the Triffids, of course! Everyone is blinded by the light from a meteor shower.

So, in order to mitigate this event, each bank note should be printed with one survival tip on it, in braille. In the event of strange lights in the sky and the takeover of the earth by our new, vegetable overlords, people would be able to exchange currency and survival tips in one fell swoop. There!
DrBob, Oct 20 2009


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