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engine cylinder supercharger

use 1 engine cylinder to pump air into engine intake
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take naturally aspirated petrol engine. what happens if you did not mix fuel with air going into one cylinder in a car and used it specifically as a pump to suck air in then pump it out and force it into the intake of the engine with the remaining cylinders.

you could have a design with a four cylinder engine but add one more inline cylinder but use it to force air into the throttle.

cdherains, Nov 20 2005

Sport Compact Tuners http://www.sportcom...02scc_supercharged/
Nutters. Decent description of Turbos and Superchargers, I like the look of the 2 belt one. [TrapCheese, Nov 21 2005]

The Kneeslider http://thekneeslide...-single-conversion/
Here a fellow has used one cylinder of a v-twin to boost the other. [BuffMyRadius, Oct 04 2011]


       The volume pumped would be one third as much as each of the remaining cylinders require.   

       There is no extra air being forced into this engine.
Texticle, Nov 20 2005

       A PDP Supercharger - whatever next?   

       I think you will lose more power by sacrificing the one cylinder that you would gain from boosting the others.
TrapCheese, Nov 21 2005

       The Germas tried this back in the 30's. the example shown was a two cylinder engine with one cylinder bigger than the other to provide boost, needless to say they couldn't balance it and gave up.
n2toh, Jan 06 2006

       This is one idea for the dynacam engine (which has double-ended pistons operating on a single cam): use one side of each piston for combustion, the other side for supercharging. As pointed out by Texticle, fixed displacement superchargers don't work so good when they are the same size as the cylinder being filled! It's a glaringly bad idea for dynacam, so it's not that great an idea here. As for the German idea, it could be made to work: just use two cylinders for combustion and two for supercharging, the crank could be balanced that way. What isn't understood very well is that supercharging is essentially the same as increasing the displacement of the engine. So if you need big pistons for supercharging, why not just use those big pistons for combustion instead? (One way a small, fixed displacement pump could be made to work, is to overdrive it some multiple of the crank speed. Reciprocating pumps are too inefficient anyway, you're still better off with a blower instead).
Grunchy, Jan 06 2006

       The difference is, with small cylinders one can devise a much better combustion chamber shape. It wouldn't matter if the "compression" cylinders leave a shape like a 33 1/3 record at tdc, so I'd say it's worth a look.   

       It'd be rather bulky, though: there are more compact superchargers.   

       (A lot of current OEM supercharger installations displace about as much as the engines they're on. All they do is improve volumetric efficiency.)
Ned_Ludd, Jan 25 2007

       The reason why a Miller Cycle engine is so effcient is because a supercharger can compress air more efficiently than a piston can (The intake valves in a Miller Cycle are left open during part of the compression stroke so that some air is pushed back into a supercharger, which then compresses it back into the cylinder). Since that is true, this design would be much less efficient than just letting a supercharger do all the work.
acurafan07, Jan 25 2007

       one a waste of energy and air you bring into ur engine. just use an exhaust driven turbocharger on a rice burner and a belt driven supercharger on a nuscle car.
#1gknus, Jul 17 2007

       I would like to point out that in a four cycle engine the "supercharger cylinder" would sweep twice for every intake stroke of another cylinder. In order to be effective there would have to be a 1:1 supercharger cylinder to normal cylinder ratio, or the supercharger cylinder could be larger. It would be cool to bore and stroke just the center cylinder on each bank of an air cooled v6. The air pumped though the center cylinder could be used to cool the engine then run though an intercooler to increase charge density and dissipate engine heat.   

       Oh and a bun from me. Considering that this idea does work.
BuffMyRadius, Oct 04 2011


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