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etch-a-sketch watch

Could we get these out by christmas?
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The minute hand is above the surface, but the hour hand goes between the two sheets, acting as the eraser (see the etch a sketch link if you don't understand).

As the day goes on, your doodles, pictures and to-do's will slowly disappear, leaving a blank canvas for new ideas.

Comes in original tacky read with silver screen, with a minature pencil/stylus on a string.

Fishrat, Oct 27 2004

etch-a-sketch http://www.etch-a-sketch.com
Online Fun! [Fishrat, Oct 27 2004]

Magna Doodle http://toyscollecti...les/magnadoodle.htm
A swankier, but ultimately inferior contemporary of the etch-a-sketch [salachair, Oct 27 2004]

Land of the Lost Magic Slate http://www.landofthelost.com/slate.htm
[Klaatu, Oct 27 2004]

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       There is more than one type of etch a sketch. The one which uses a separator to erase relies on a stylus/pen to push the two layers together and create the image. Admittedly, this is "etch-a-sketch lite" or "poor man's etch-a-sketch" but hey, I had an impoverished upbringing. Let me tell you about it some time...   

       That said, I guess a knob version would work, if the hour hand was magnetic. I guess.
Fishrat, Oct 27 2004

       solved all my xmas presents in one. cheers, fishy!
po, Oct 27 2004

       I don't think you mean etch-a-sketch, Fishrat, do you? (Two dials, internal stylus scrapes fine silver powder off internal glass surface, invert and shake to erase).   

       This sounds more like a magnadoodle or one of those things with a translucent plastic top-sheet over a tacky black base with a slider that wiped the images by pulling the two surfaces apart. Unfortunately, the name for one of those things escapes me.
st3f, Oct 27 2004

       It's about time for a new etch-a-sketch.   

       this idea got better the second time i read it
benfrost, Oct 27 2004

       [st3f] are you thinking about a "Magic Slate"? <link>
Klaatu, Oct 27 2004

       That's exactly it, thanks Klaatu.   

       You weren't thinking of a "Magic Slate", were you, Fishrat?
st3f, Oct 27 2004

       This past xmas I received two pens, one with a tiny (1 x 1 1/4") etch-a-sketch and the other with a very tiny Operation game. The most awesome worthless crap ever.
bpilot, Oct 28 2004

       Thanks St3f and klaatu - you're right, I was thinking of a magic slate. However, I think an etch-a-sketch version using a magnetic hour hand would also work.   

       ALthough I was thinking of a magic slate watch, I'll leave the title as it is to avoid confusion.
Fishrat, Oct 28 2004


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