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Charge-friendly smartwatch

Because currently, they all kinda suck.
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Hopefully, this would be a feature picked up by a major player in the smartwatch industry, like Google, Samsung or Apple, and if it took off perhaps adopted by the other eventually in the way of most things smart tech related.

While there are MUCH longer lasting options available, by far the most popular smart watches are the ones that pair most intuitively with people's phones, namely the Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, and Pixel Watch bringing up the rear. They all have such short battery life they must be taken off and charged at least every other day. I find it to be a major hassle and thus a barrier to me wearing one every day. Taking it off my wrist means I usually forget to grab it in the morning, and I'm going back home for a damn watch. But for the time being at least, it seems that watches requiring nightly charging is just what we're gonna have to live with if we want one that fits within our preferred manufacturer's ecosystem.

So the idea here is for a rail-like magnetic watch design, where the band wraps fully around the wrist and stays on, with a flat spot on top. The watch would have a slot in the bottom that dimensionally matches the width and thickness of the flat spot on the band. Some little studs would fit into matching holes on the band to prevent it from sliding parallel to the direction of the band, and a magnet would complete the attachment. At night, you just give it a firm pull to remove the watch from the band and charge it. In the morning there's no forgetting it because you've got the band there on your wrist.

21 Quest, Sep 12 2023


       If I could take the watch off without removing the band, having the band on my wrist might make me *more* likely to forget to put the watch itself back on.
a1, Sep 12 2023

       How about alternately giving your body a slight positive and negative relative charge?
Voice, Sep 13 2023

       I think you should just take the watch off at night and remember to put it back on in the morning
hippo, Sep 13 2023

       Morning Bill, ready for our meeting? It starts at 9am.
Sure thing [pocmloc], have we got time to go and grab a coffee before it starts?
<looks down flat spot on top of writstband> I don't know Bill, I left my watch on charge again.
Heh, you do that every day [pocmloc]. In fact I have never actually seen you with the watch, only that goofy band with the flat spot on top.
pocmloc, Sep 13 2023

       The answer then is to not buy a smart watch. The outcomes of not buying a smart watch or of buying a smart watch but leaving it at home every day are the same, except that the former is cheaper.
hippo, Sep 13 2023

       OK here's the killer touch. The flat spot on top of the wristband contains a super-slim-line LCD digital watch with the usual functions, 12/24h, day/date, stopwatch.   

       That way if you remember to clip on the smartwatch it functions as usual for a smartwatch. but if you accidentally leave the smartwatch at home on charge you still have a functioning wristwatch that does all you need.   

       In fact you could buy just the writstband, that would give you smartwatch cool without actually needing to pay for or set up the smartwatch or remember to charge it, and you would still know what time it is.
pocmloc, Sep 13 2023

       // you could buy just the wristband //   

       How often do you have to charge it?
a1, Sep 13 2023

       If that's all the band does, ie old school digital wristwatch functions, you could slap a watch battery in it and run it for years. Providing some power to the band would allow it to beep at you if you forget the smartwatch portion of it during the day. A simple solar panel could detect if it's not covered by the watch during daylight hours, or just flash an LED.
21 Quest, Sep 13 2023


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