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ethernet line splitter

3 port switch with PoE
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I'm trying to get ethernet from a hub to some studio spaces. It sucks to run multiple ethernet cables in parallel. It would be nice to have an ethernet 'line splitter' which is a 3-pot hub, in either T or Y configurations, so I can have a small run going off the main line.

What would be extra nice is to have the switch using Power over Ethernet, so it's just a single line with network connectivity, instead of a power adapter in each room for the little switch.

lawpoop, Oct 25 2005

Thinnet etc. http://www.tecdatawire.com/tec6100.html
Images of connectors at the bottom. [Adze, Oct 25 2005]

3Com Intellijack http://www.3com.com...urchase&sku=3CNJ100
If link breaks then go to 3com.com and select on e of the intellijack switches from the product menu. [st3f, Oct 25 2005]

3Com Intellijack 3CNJ225 http://www.3com.com...urchase&sku=3CNJ225
Similar to the above, but in a form factor that might not have to be mounted in-the-wall, and with PoE power-forwarding. [land, Oct 26 2005]

Ethernet Switch powered by PoE http://biocio.blogs...-by-poe-or-how.html
Much like the intellijack but better form factor, you need a switch powered by PoE. Just get a PoE injector/splitter and match it up with a switch that's voltage compatible and draws no more than 12 watts of power. I've used a Linksys WAPPOE12 splitter paired with an SD208 8-port switch @ $80 with 1/2 Amp to spare. [Rhett, Apr 05 2006]

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       Thinnet (50 ohm coaxial) will do this for you; a single run with inline T connectors. Though there are good reasons why people use UTP/STP these days.   

       Have you considered Wireless LAN? I use that at home with my broadband connection (there are 3 laptop users in my flat), and it's great.
Adze, Oct 25 2005

       [Adze] We considered it, but no one wants to buy wireless cards, and I don't want to support wireless technology on various non-XP machines.   

       Can you give me a link or so on thinnet? This sounds promising.
lawpoop, Oct 25 2005

       Am I missing something here? Can you use a hub at the target end.
bristolz, Oct 25 2005

       Sure (link). Also known as 10Base2. Though as I say, it is kinda a "late 80s to early 90s" thing and doesn't have as much support nowadays due to to the benefits of twisted pair technology.   

       EDIT: Actually, [bris] has the right idea. Just run a crossover cable from one hub to another (hubs these days can usually recognise another hub, so you may not even need the crossover cable).
Adze, Oct 25 2005

       Well, I was trying to avoid installing 5 different hubs in the different studios. It's just easier to run cables; that way one moron doesn't get to disconnect the others when they unplug thier hub.   

       This idea really shines with PoE.
lawpoop, Oct 25 2005

       I think lawpoop is trying to say that he wants something compact with no extra adapters and crap. Why have an ugly 4 port hub which needs a clunky AC adapter? If you could have this ethernet line splitter do the job with less cost (if mass produced) no AC adapter (PoE) and much tinier package?   

       I definitely agree with lawpoop ... I think you guys interpret his idea as "I don't know how to do it so help me" ... but I understand it as ... ya there are ways to do it using hubs and crap but those are just useless for some cases. I would also love to get my hands on one of these splitters for the times when there is only 1 jack in the office and I just need a second one quickly and neatly with no clunky switch laying around and taking up power outlet (or 3 because those AC adapters are so frigging huge) ... I really like this idea [+] ... and more if I could
ixnaum, Oct 25 2005

       Have you seen the 3Com Intelljack switches (link). They're PoE Switches that look like wall-sockets. If I understand you correctly, that might be just what you're looking for.   

       Re-reads idea... maybe not the right form- factor after all.
st3f, Oct 25 2005

       yes st3f .. kind of like that but not in the wall .. but just a simple Y ... tiny little thing really.
ixnaum, Oct 25 2005

       What bris said. Done it many times.
DrCurry, Oct 25 2005

       Don't overlook the 3Com Intellijack products just because you don't want an in-the-wall solution: the 3CNJ225, for example (see link) is *intended* to be mounted in a wall, but may not /have/ to be...   

       It looks like it can be powered via PoE and forwards power to the next box down the line. Not sure how far you can daisy-chain them, though. If you have four offices, maybe each of the end-units can power its neighbor, with the remotely-powered units /not/ forwarding power.   

       Good luck and a croissant, because this was really hard to find.
land, Oct 26 2005

       //Simply for security reasons I would not use wireless//   

       Why not? There are several secure encryption protocols available depending on the Access point you select. I use WEP at home, which is a basic one, but then I don't have the NSA mainframe on my network.
Adze, Oct 27 2005

       I understand about as much of this page as I do JesusHChrist's musical singularity posting.
RayfordSteele, Oct 27 2005

       <shrugs> Personal choice I guess; but I'm using one right now at University, and it's not even encrypted (though firewalled). And they've got a lot more to lose than me.
Adze, Oct 27 2005

       This may take a bit of work to do but you can get rectangular conduit that has an adhesive backing that permits you to stick it to the wall. Getting a section that is about an inch wide and a half-inch tall should hold at least 4 to 5 cables and it will look nice and neat as it runs down the baseboard.
Jscotty, Oct 28 2005


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