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evil evil

Dyslexic mistake. I bet you wished you knew better!
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It was not Santa Crawling down your chimneny Dressed In a red suit.

Watching you all the time ...

Zimmy, Nov 11 2013


       If you build it, they will come! This idea is brilliant for its portrayal of subtle nuance and thin character development!   


       It needs a grand and explosive ending, doesn't it? All the great Masters were more fully appreciated when they were dead. I suggest an immediate and grizzly death for this idea as soon as possible, so that the Half Bakers in future generations will look back upon it with awe (and no small measure of lower intestinal distress), and use this idea as a shining beacon of despair and writers block!   

       Whew, I am drained. Thank you, [Zimmy]! I proudly award you another fishbone for your collection... [-]
Grogster, Nov 11 2013


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