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evolutionary design for the other sort of designers

nice aesthetic shapes and designs by selection
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for designers not doing the technical stuff,with physical simulations ,but the others,an evolutionary design system

after being given the breif and starting to make a number of quick drawings[the brainstorm?/thumbnails?]the designer [or artist]might usually make some different designs then choose a good one to make up fully. instead, why not put the drawings /in separate parts perhaps[or better yet cad files]into a small computer,to be worn by the designer/artist. then ,walking around out of the office/studio have the computer vary dimensions,angles on the drawings, maybe split and combine the thumbnails,and display them on an eyepeice. then eyepeice note iris size whilst showing a mutant design,and [chinese jade dealer bit] better 'fitness' for more iris opening on a drawing. then perhaps see, by selection, a good looking drawing

technobadger, Sep 17 2001

A painting done by similar means http://www.melania.com/freeart/index.html
If I understand you correctly, that is. Don't know about the chinese jade dealer though. [PotatoStew, Sep 17 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Chinese jade dealer bit?   

       Interesting idea. If we apply this to arbitrary visual art and an arbitrary audience, you could have a whole gallery of self-evolving paintings that change in such a way that they're attractive to the people that cared to look at them.
jutta, Sep 17 2001

       I truthfully commented on the painting
thumbwax, Sep 18 2001

       Man I can hardly wait for the survival of the fittest fad in popular culture to be over.
LoriZ, Nov 21 2001

       So, let me get this straight so that I may understand it better

This setup riffs on "storyboard" drawings, trying out many possibilities, and "knows" whether a given riff (iteration) is "good" or "bad" by monitoring the pupil size?
bristolz, Nov 21 2001

       When sentence structure is not constrained, you can actual seee people think
wjt, Apr 30 2003

       The iris idea although not new is fascinating in this concept. Others come to mind. Education, sales (unfortunately), bar come-ons. The list is endless.
sweepea, Oct 15 2003


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