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ex smoker driver's license

"let me see your ID"
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Even though I'm 22 I always get carded. I look like I'm 16. Why not have a *voluntary* drivers license for ex-smokers. Make it illegal to sell to ex-smokers just like it's illegal to sell to kids. You'd sign up, for it of course.
futurebird, Jun 30 2001


       Hmmm, interesting idea. Wouldn't help all those smokers old enough not to get carded any more, of course ...
wiml, Jul 01 2001

       wow, the internet is a small place. i recognise your name from that message board you run... *grin* anyhow in regards to your idea, most people would probably just resort to what i do, as i am technically a minor for another three months: bum cigarettes off other people or send homeless people to buy them for you.
iglowinthedark, Sep 19 2002

       thats a great plan to increase government surveilance.
xylene, Oct 07 2003


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