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extra plyed w/tire slime tires

tires with a inner ply filled with tire slime
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tires that have a layer of tire slime in between the inner layers of the tire.
Ozzy, Nov 30 2006


BJS, Nov 30 2006

       That harden when exposed to air?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 30 2006

       "Sir, we've changed your oil, topped off the windshield wiper fluid and your slime seems to be fine."
twitch, Nov 30 2006

       tire slime is a sealant it won't harden as long as it stays in the tire
Ozzy, Nov 30 2006

       That would be good for mild off-roaders. It could potentially be a balance issue with regular cars though.
Hunter79764, Dec 01 2006

       Ozzy could you give me a little bit more to go on. I am not sure what the point is yet. I thought you were offering a tire that if punctured would ooze a slime that would harden upon air contact.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 01 2006

       I've seen slime strips for bikes in Halfords. They go between the tyre and inner tube and stop things puncturing all the way through.
Helixthecat, Dec 02 2006

       sounds like the makings for a good idea but it is just the makings you have to put it together for us
Bane, Dec 03 2006


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