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falsetrue encryption

double meaning encryption to avoid positive code cracking
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You work on brute force methods with your super computers and web based world wide efforts only to discover that you have two versions of information and you'll never know which is the correct one.

For top secret cases, you'll have hundreds of decrypted messages none of which you are sure is the one intended for the receiver.

How the receiver knows without ever being compromised, is another question for the other half.

Of course no messages can have been passed between the two previously - otherwise this whole thing would be unnecessary.

pashute, Nov 08 2015

Decrypt anything ... to anything Decrypt_20anything_..._2e_20to_20anything
[Loris, Nov 09 2015]


       I would think that if the receivier has a method to discern which message is true, then the attacker can somehow acquire that method also.   

       In some ways it is just a double encryption. The first level is the //encryption// that your //brute force methods// are trying to crack. The second is a rather weak form of encryption, in that it presents two messages in plain text of which one is the message to be encoded.   

       Possible methods of derypting that second insanely weak "encoding" would be one-time-pad-style, i.e. you have both agreed in advance that today's message will be the second if the pair (or the 23rd of the 100 in your //top secret case//.   

       Another possible method is a kind of "public key" whereby the recipient broadcasts a secret code that indicates which of the two messages should be genuine.
pocmloc, Nov 08 2015

       If you added "fuzzy logic" you could be even more annoying to a would-be message-cracker. "1.5) Maybe buy shares in Apple"
Vernon, Nov 08 2015

FlyingToaster, Nov 08 2015


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