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Fish-shaped tea bags
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For kids.
jutta, Aug 09 1999

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       For cats who've learned to turn on the kettle.
laurenesorensen, Aug 10 1999

       Fill them with catnip.
jimfl, Jan 06 2000

       In the UK, tetrahedral tea-bags are quite popular (Increased volume when compared with 'flat' tea-bags allows more tea-water diffusion) - and can be used to teach kids about basic Platonic solids
hippo, Mar 02 2000

       Platonic solids?..Are those solids that don"t have sex?
dwp37, Jun 26 2000

       I hate fish, and I hate tea. Not platonically.
centauri, Jul 25 2000

       I've seen reports on very sweet (bottled) tea for children as a health problem; it rots their teeth.   

       I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe it's just that *I*d like fish-shaped tea bags. (But I'd like pokemon-shaped ones, too. Pikachu Pekoe, Charmander Camomille, and Squirtle Earl Grey!)
jutta, Jul 31 2000

       Hmm.. Fish-tea puts me in mind of Japanese green tea, which often gets brewed with all sorts of additives, including, if I'm not mistaken, some sort of dried fish-flakes. I only remember hearing about this once, so I could be wrong.
mcfrank, Aug 01 2000

       Please don't read that: Used tampons would make a great "fish tea"
jurgo, Sep 08 2000

       Going one step further, I think every food product should be available in a variety of shapes. Surely we have the technology to grow bananas shaped like cats, and why can't Pizza Hut deliver my pie in the shape of a star?
confusionary, Sep 08 2000

       I'd be for it if I weren't against teabags.   

       They could be easily sewn out of muslin, and reusable, and you could probably do something witty with the gathering-string connected to a hook at the 'mouth'.
hello_c, Sep 08 2000

       Don't you think that'd be a bit disconcerting? ("Oh look--there's a fish floating around in my hot drink!")
seizethefish, Dec 30 2000

       Not a bad idea. Rather clever.
Vance, Feb 05 2001

       Do kids drink tea?
simonj, Aug 05 2010

       Some of the more old-fashioned ones do, [simonj].   

       People tell me rooibosch tastes of mackerel. Since i've never eaten mackerel, i can't comment.
nineteenthly, Aug 05 2010

       well I'd probably change the name but cute idea.
dentworth, Aug 05 2010

       // Do kids drink tea? //   

       If there's nothing else, and they're thirsty enough, eventually, yes.   

       You just need patience, and possibly earplugs.
8th of 7, Aug 05 2010

       "Mommy, the fish is pooping in the water and making it all brown!"
Cedar Park, Aug 05 2010

       It definitely needs to come with a little fishing rod, hook and landing net for taking it out. +
xenzag, Aug 06 2010

       How do you avoid the temptation to see who bunned and who boned your ideas [jutta]?
Voice, Aug 09 2010


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