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fixmycode social network

community of developers who help each other out
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On StackOverflow you can't ask specific questions, only general ones. JSFiddle, codePly and other sites like it lack the ability to discuss the code.

On fixmycode you'll never see: That has already been done here. Instead you will get to look at "Fixed" solutions (on github or on JSFiddle etc) that are similar in content.

Expert fixers can ask for money or get hired through third party codelancer or freelancer.com websites.

In short - this is a social media site needed and as-far-as-i- know does not exist.

In the meantime I created a #fixmycode forum at correctmycode.freeforums.net

Not a social network (and not a very intuitive forum)

pashute, Aug 20 2015


       arch.cobol used to answer the odd stumper (perhaps they still do).   

       One such supplicant who was tearing out his/her hair posted a link to some source code, hoping for a freebie from the gurus.   

       But, since the error was them using a code generator instead of a programmer, and the company was a collections agency, the only responses were rates, most appended by "in advance".   

       A small bit of karma was shared.
FlyingToaster, Aug 20 2015

       I had code with a problem. Couldn't find it. Posted a link to my CorrectMyCode forum on a StackOverflow general question.   

       Within 5 minutes someone looked at my code and solved the problem (It was a cutpaste error that was not easy to detect)
pashute, Aug 24 2015


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