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flat CV joint

a curiosity for the mechanically minded
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A CV (constant-velocity) joint allows a drive shaft to transmit power through a variable angle, at constant rotational speed.

I have come up with a new CV joint that is probably worse than other CV joints (especially the Rzeppa) in every way, except that it is flatter which may be useful in some applications.

In the illustration the inner ring is attached to the outer ring with four rods. Each rod (orange) is connected to the outer ring with a ball and socket. Each rod is connected to the inner ring via a follower (white) running on a curved cam track (blue). Each rod can slide within a pivot (purple). In the illustrations, the first image is with the rings aligned while the second image shows the outer ring at an angle compared to the inner ring.

When the outer ring turns, the rods slide thus varying the effective length of the rod between the pivot and the outer ring.

The main application I had in mind for this was a gimbal for a ring flywheel.

xaviergisz, Jun 14 2014

Constant-velocity joint http://en.wikipedia...tant-velocity_joint
[xaviergisz, Jun 14 2014]

illustrations http://imgur.com/a/QK3dz
[xaviergisz, Jun 14 2014]




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