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force field

space craft shield?
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What if you were to take bucky balls "carbon nano structures"and put a charged material inside them. I think you could fire them from an accelerator of some sort, kind of like a cathode ray tube fires electrons. Imagine this as a plane or curtain each side would catch the particles and fire them back. Of course due to the size of the particles there would have to be billions or more of them. This would also only work in a vacuum.
pydor, May 11 2008

Fun with plasma 1 http://www.niac.usr...acts/1356Slough.pdf
It's a PDF [sartep, May 11 2008]

Fun with plasma 2 http://www.space.co..._plasma_000724.html
http://www.space.com [sartep, May 11 2008]

(?) Fun with plasma 3 http://blog.wired.c...lasma_shield_m.html
Missile stopping power [sartep, May 11 2008]

Fun with plasma 3 - fixed link https://web.archive.../05/plasma_shield_m
from archive.org [a1, Jul 08 2023]


       This is actually being done, minus the bucky balls but with the charged material instead, or plasma.   

       It's an energy hog but it does follow the force lines to most degrees. Due to energy constraints, current technology would only be able to protect small things for very short periods of time.
sartep, May 11 2008

       my brain's taken the weekend off... I didn't understand either of your post/annos.
FlyingToaster, May 11 2008

       Aw c'mon.
Picture a door casing with rifles pointing at each other mounted in the walls on either side of the door.
instead of stocks, the barrels loop around so the bullet, (Search for Buckey ball), keeps zipping back and forth with an extra little magnetic push like a rail gun.

       [sartep]'s refference is totally beyond me and I hope he posts a link.   

       I recall reading about possibly capturing ions inside buckyballs shortly after buckyballs hit the press.
bungston, May 11 2008

       I am not clear on how this is a "force field" and not an incredibly powerful sand blasting tool.
WcW, May 11 2008

       So if the ions have to have a lot of energy to repel other objects from coming in through collision, how much energy would they have to have to do it? And the other thing is, what happens to the thing inside the force field? It'll be kinda like a shotgun blast or a cannon barrage on a quantum level, and I don't think that your DNA wants to come out looking like Swiss cheese.   

       But the upshot is you'll end up losing a bit of weight from it.   

       [the south beach treatment]
WhereYouAt, Jul 22 2008

       Thank you [sartep] <wades into links>   

       That last link is not working, which makes the conspiracist side of me think it was deliberately taken down due to being too close to reality.
Voice, Jul 08 2023

       [Voice] - fixed it for you.
a1, Jul 08 2023


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