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forget me not

alarm to remind me when I get too far from my property.
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After walking off and leaving my briefcase countless times, I need this device. One section the transmitter, is fixed to my briefcase, the other section, the reciever, credit card sized is in my pocket. Once the reciever determines that I am more than 60 feet away from the transmitter, it vibrates, reminding me that I might be leaving my briefcase behind me. The reciever is equipped with a 5 to 15 minutes "snooze" function, but cannot be disabled. This prevents me from turning it off, then forgetting and leaving it off.
senatorjam, Mar 20 2003

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       Could get annoying when you visit the gym on your way home from work. How about a delay snooze function you can set for up to an hour? Could be a feature accessible by password that emits a quiet blip every five minutes to remind you that it's in delay mode.
egbert, Mar 20 2003

       Add in a locator like those avalanche transceivers to help find where you've left it too. (+)
oneoffdave, Mar 20 2003

       This is baked. I've owned one at some time in the past, though I never used it. Don't know if the commercial ones come with a snooze function, though.
beauxeault, Mar 20 2003

       There are "child alarms" that work like this. When the transmitter gets out of range (variable) of the receiver, the receiver starts to bleep. The transmitter is nailed or screwed to the child, and the adult carries the receiver (about the size of a pager) in a pocket or clipped to a belt. It wouldn't be hard to make it vibrate instead of bleep. Sadly, there is as yet no version commercially available that gives the errant child a painful electric shock if it wanders off ......   

       Available license-free in the UK, costing between GBP £20 and £40. Battery life is only a few hours, so you might want to add a solar recharger.
8th of 7, Mar 20 2003

       //After waking off and leaving my briefcase countless times, I need this device. //   


       Anyway, the device you describe is ... a piece of string.
FloridaManatee, Mar 20 2003

       kinda hard to use the string in a cubicle farm, or a classroom
senatorjam, Mar 20 2003

       Why have a snooze? Just hit the "Yeah I f*cking know." button and until the device comes back into range, then goes out of range again, your beeper won't go off.
DrOuD, Mar 20 2003

       so at night when (i presume) u dont have your breifcase u take out the thing in you pocket and put it by the breifcase? does this mean you need a reciever that reminds you to pick up the reciever? but wait...paradox...brain hurts
miasere, Mar 20 2003


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