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free lottery

a more fun version of the stupid tax
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Whenever you see a combination lock, just give it a go, just one go. You win if you got it open. The odds are better, and the win is instant. Whether or not you make off with the booty is up to you and your conscience :)
conskeptical, Nov 21 2008


       It's not free if you get caught.
phoenix, Nov 21 2008

       true :)
conskeptical, Nov 21 2008

       Bun for the subtitle AND the idea (wish I could give two). I would enjoy seeing some proof or at least a listing of the actual odds.
James Newton, Nov 24 2008

       Well... the usual combination lock has three turns, and 30-50 numbers on the dial, giving odds somewhere between 1/27,000 to 1/125,000   

       Bike locks tend to have ten digit dials, with three or four sections to turn, putting the odds for winning one of these at 1/1,000 to 1,10,000. I've had just the lock before, and "won" it with 8 hours of honest work.   

       You can also give automatic garage door openers a try. the old ones with 8-12 microswitches had a potential of 1/256 t0 1/4096 chances... plus variations for age, brand, and whether or not it's actually using that kind of system to begin with.   

       Oh, here's a fun one: House keys... Five pins are cut to four possible heights. If the key fits, the odds are 1/1024   

       Is it me, or do the odds of "winning" seem to increase as the item being protected increases in value on my scale? Hmm.   

       Now about those lottery odds...
ye_river_xiv, Nov 24 2008

       Oh...a five digit lotto.   


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