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freeway speed regulators

special driver, special car who always go the speed limit
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Let's give good drivers a chance to set a good example by rewarding them with a 'free' special vehicle, maybe painted green with catchy safety slogans, which they will then drive on streets, highways, byways and freeways always safely and to the speed limit. This would free up the law enforcement officers for more pressing tasks, give an incentive to good driving and generally have a 'no-fear' ambiance to the roads. These cars and drivers would become known as the 'speed regulators' and when spotted by other drivers would be a reminder of safe driving. And, the correct speed limits would be demonstrated all around.
gfundl, Mar 09 2008


       I don't get this. In what way is this fun?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 09 2008

       What sort of enforcement mandate do these 'good drivers' have? Or do they just hold up traffic in a state of self-righteous oblivion?
Texticle, Mar 09 2008

       If I were the sort of person who went out looking for a car to vandalize or steal, and if I were indeed looking for such a car, I suspect this is where I would start.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 09 2008

       I don't know about anywhere else, but this service is performed in the US by an elite force of people from a secretive organization known only as the AARP. Weirdly it doesn't keep anyone else driving the speed limit, but it does cause a lot of dangerous driving as normal drivers avoid these slow moving pylons who I breaking the law informally known as "keep right except to pass". Again I don't know this is a law anywhere else, but it is a law in NJ as I have been given a ticket which listed the offence as "FKR", which the Prosecutor explained was "failure to keep right", right before he explained that he was dropping it, as the speeding offence of 81 in a 55 seemed to make it mute.   

       So I will say it is a bad idea to reward people with the duty to break the law.(-)
MisterQED, Mar 09 2008

       Great idea..and they swear they will never exceed the speed limit and will obey all traffic laws. If they get one ticket, they lose the car forever.   

       I try this in real life every day I go to work. I make a point of strictly obeying the speed limits...I am passed like I am standing still and I fully expect one day, I will be rear ended. I think I am setting a good example...but, in reality, I am just creating a traffic hazard. In five years going back and forth on that route I have only seen a cop handing our tickets a few times. Most mornings, I never see an officer.   

       I thought, wouldn't it be great if I had a sign on the back of my car that said,   

       "Warning! Police traffic observation car. Do not speed! License plates of speeders are bing photographed!"...and a little flashy yellow light on top....   

       Or, to have an equally effective signal to other drivers, I could just wear a cowboy hat on the back of my head...or a blue shaded behive wig....seems people wearing those things and driving are always slow.   

       I expect soon, people would get used to it and speed anyway.   

       But, I like the idea of rewarding safe drivers this way.
Blisterbob, Mar 10 2008


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