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freezer to aircon

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Why not take a large absorbtion upright freezer, stack radiators inside it, cook antifreeze, circulate it through an outside radiator with a fan behind it to cool an RV or structure?
tkm, May 19 2009


       Ah, the "why not" idea. We have started a few with that question.   

       I'm sure someone will answer this question shortly. In the meantime, welcome to the Halfbakery.
normzone, May 19 2009


       If you have food in the fridge then the unit is already busy keeping that cold... if you don't have food in the fridge then you should work on that first rather than the A/C. Just sayin'.
FlyingToaster, May 19 2009

       Why blow cold air onto the outside of an RV/building to cool that structure? Wouldn't it be more sensible to bring the antifreeze all the way inside?   

       For that matter, why not take a *small* absorbtion freezer, and use it as the cooling system for the RV or building directly, eliminating the body of the freezer, the antifreeze, and the two radiators?
goldbb, May 19 2009

       The absorption freezer works on a principle that is used in solar cooling too, so i see no problem with this, except for efficiency, because those systems are usually laid out to be most efficient at their intended purpose (freezers : bringing a small volume to ~20K less than outside, then keeping it there, AC: bring a large volume to ~10K less then outside, then keep it there)   

       But if the thing is driven by solar heating rather than heating with a propane flame, efficiency is not much of a bother.
loonquawl, May 20 2009


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