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Differential thermostat ventilator/AC

Device that either brings in fresh air, *or* cools air
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This is a fairly basic idea -- if the temperature in your house (or room, in the case of a window unit) is hotter than the temperature outside, then the cheapest way to cool your house/room off is with a ventilation system -- a whole house exhaust fan, or a window fan.

If the temperature in your house or room is higher than the temperature outside, then the unwanted heat must be forced outside by means of an air conditioner.

I would like a device with a thermometer inside and a thermometer outside, which can compare the two temperatures and cool the room in whichever way is more appropriate.

Since I live in a rented room, I'd prefer that such a device exist in window-mountable form, similar to a window fan or window AC.

goldbb, May 27 2010


       This is [widely-known-to-exist], [goldbb].   

       "Smart" Heat/Cool/Suck/Blow A/C units have been around since the 1970's.   

       We suggest you delete this, lest it become a repository for fishbones and MFD's.
8th of 7, May 27 2010


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