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fridge + heater

into single machine
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Similar to heat pump, convert fridge to cook food as well. Same hardware simply used in reverse, just like heat pump. Heat pump is a single machine used to heat up the air inside a house and in summer, when used in reverse, cools the air (acts as an air-conditioner.)

Alternatively fridge should be arranged to used as a food warmer/incubator (when being used as a fridge) by utilizing surplus heat generated by fridge.

VJW, Dec 08 2010


       conventional refrigeration works best when the hot side and the cold side are near the designed thermal gradient. each refrigeration application is designed for the gradient it will operate in most of the time. This does not preclude other applications for the waste heat produced, it simply limits their scope. A refrigerator condenser would be a perfect application to combine with a warming device like an incubator or water warmer because the temperature on both sides would be relatively stable. It would be much harder to use the same compressor to cook food because not only would the peak output for heating grossly exceed the peak output required for refrigeration but the compressor would be forced to function at a dramatically higher thermal gradient for heating than it does for cooling. Since the power source here is electricity it is more sensible to spare the load on the compressor and simply use a heating element, no?
WcW, Dec 08 2010


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