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gallon keg

beefed-up gallon jug
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When it comes time to bottle a batch of homebrew, labor-saving measures always come to mind. Glass gallon jugs are easily available for free & seem like a great size if you are thirsty or have a few drinking buddies. The obvious problem is that those jugs can not safely handle the pressure of a carbonated beverage. Hence the idea: take a gallon jug and coat it with a stout layer of ferrocement (wire & cement), leaving just the threads for the cap showing. Use as a large beer bottle. Extra points for adorning the exterior with the likeness of your favorite gnome, troll, or devil. DISCLAIMER: Its all fun & games until someone loses an eye. Treat pressurized vessels with caution.
afinehowdoyoudo, Sep 11 2007


       Carbon nanotube reinforced custard superplastic, shirley?
Custardguts, Sep 11 2007

       Oh, come on, be manly about it and wrap the jug in wet rawhide. When it drys it should provide a sturdy reinforcement. Bonus points if the rawhide in question displays a Marine Corps tattoo.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 11 2007

       I just saw an ad for a gallon keg of beer. are you in marketing?
dentworth, Sep 11 2007

       well, composites operate on the principle that the load is taken up in proportion to the rigidity (force per unit stretch) of the materials. Or if you like, in inverse proportion to the stretchiness of the materials. Glass is much more rigid than rubber bands or rawhide, so the glass would carry most of load. Until it ruptures, that is, after which those coatings might be of use. Carbon nanotubes are better, graphite fiber maybe easier. Or glass fibers & plastic resin.
afinehowdoyoudo, Oct 25 2007

       //I just saw an ad for a gallon keg of beer.// Yeah.. I thought this was already baked.
Jscotty, Oct 26 2007

       //Carbon nanotube reinforced custard superplastic, shirley// [marked-for-tagline], shirley?
sprogga, Oct 27 2007


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