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gatling gun fireworks launcher

rail mounted high speed cannon launched fireworks
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Vulcan cannons mounted on rail road cars firing special fire work shells. detonated by time, allituded or radio command.
duroncrush, Oct 31 2005

sleepy kingfisher http://nationalzoo..../default.cfm?Cam=MK
can't run a vulcan cannon worth crap! [sleeka, Oct 31 2005]


       I think the problem that needs to be solved is the insurance aspect.   

       "--For I have killed my captain."
Zimmy, Oct 31 2005

       Can the Micronesian Kingfisher be in charge of the gun? See link.
sleeka, Oct 31 2005

Adze, Oct 31 2005

       For some reason, I read this as "gatling gun golf ball launcher."
DrCurry, Nov 01 2005


       "vulcan cannon" makes me think of Star Trek, though I don't think of Spock as the type to ever use one. Is there a connection?
sninctown, Nov 02 2005


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