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Alerts person behind them that tailgating won't work.
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Everybody over 70 must pay $10 for a "geezer" license plate. That way you can back off, knowing they won't go any faster, won't use their turn signals, and won't hear your horn.

States can use the extra revenue to hold annual "Reward & Defuse" parties for all the poor working stiffs with CRR (Chronic Road Rage) .... I gotta get out of Florida.

baxley, Mar 11 2001


       Cor blimey! I didn't know Cockney was spoken in Florida, [baxley] me old mate.
Aristotle, Mar 11 2001

       Personally, I enjoy driving the speed limit, just to tick people off. Go ahead and tailgate. I drive a '78 Cutlass and like to slam on the brakes intermittently.
mrthingy, Mar 12 2001


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