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geo From: line

geographical location information about your e-mail correspondent
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Behind the name of the person you receive an e-mail from you get geographical information in your e-mail client.

With just an IP-address it is possible to predict quite reliably the location. In most e-mail headers you can find one.

For example: ReindeR Rustema <reinder@rustema.nl> in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

When you click on the location you follow a link to a map with a pin and the coordinates.

If this is integrated with your address book, it can even say 'home' or 'work' instead, assuming you those are in it.

rrr, Dec 15 2008

IP-address.com http://www.ip-adress.com/trace_email/
paste an e-mail header here and it returns the geographical location of the sender with a map next to it [rrr, Dec 15 2008]

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       In a webmail interface this should also work, perhaps even better because without an internet connection no webmail.   

       Displaying the location of your gmail correspondent is difficult. Gmail has a modified header with no IP-address of the sender, but instead some incomprehensible authenticity key. I assume Gmail can get the location though.
rrr, Dec 17 2008


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