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If it's big can it still be a Pod?
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The scale of the item requires it to be worn on the back (or front) of the person.

The size is such that the control wheel is a little larger in diameter than a 12 inch record. The wheel can be ejected and contains a spindle for records to be inserted into the giantPod.

The screen of course is also rather large, and works normally. A regular iPod is also buried inside somewhere to allow regular iPod functionality.

The spindle has actuators to put a space between any two of the, oh let's say, twelve records. This space would house a laser read head that would read ahead for shock protection. This technology is already used to digitize old/priceless records that a stylus would further degrade.

The unit(s) can be layed down and the control wheel can light up to mark position of a chosen record, and play it virtually using the wheel, acting like a CD-J.

Giblet, Feb 01 2008


       A school of dolphins might be trained to operate an underwater jukebox; this indeed would surely constitute the largest iPod in existence.
zen_tom, Feb 01 2008

       Negative votes for the size, the laser reading of vinyl, or the turntable factor?   

       I wish people would take the time to say why they give a negative vote instead of just pushing bone.
Giblet, Feb 01 2008

       Portable record players, which is what this appears to be meant to be, have been Baked for years.
DrCurry, Feb 01 2008

       //I wish people would take the time to say why they give a negative vote instead of just pushing bone.//   

       This is just a big, silly, poorly-functioning version of something that's small, trendy and functional. It's a joke, innit? Clicking on a bone is easier than typing, "We are not amused."   

       It's Wouldn't It Be Cool To, and it's pointless--the only reason to listen to vinyl is for the alleged sound purity, which is going to be utterly lost whilst rattling around in traffic. Further, this device would involve risking one's vinyl in public, especially with an over-sized box banging against passersby.   

       This is also techno-strange. What's the screen for, and how does it get info off a vinyl record? What's to show? How can the user see it while wearing the thing on his back?   

       Carrying this would be an ultimate in pretentious stupidity. It would be much better to digitize the records at home, and feed the massive files into a large-capacity iPod.   

       There's my explanation, you are welcome for the time, and here's my negative vote. [-]
baconbrain, Feb 01 2008

       I quite like the idea. And [UB] the point was to use a laser to digitize the LP in advance of realtime, precisely to deal with the bumps and joggles. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 01 2008

       It digitizes the records, but only stores the data temporarily, in active memory? Well, that's just ever so much more frickin' purist than storing the digital data in permanent memory for later use, so breathtakingly immediate, so gaspingly real and so very excitingly dynamic. Pretentious audiofools will be schlepping these things to cocktail parties for at least fifteen minutes.
baconbrain, Feb 01 2008

       Most DJ's have a large collection of Vinyl, and there is not always a turntable to play on.   

       A CD-J is great to bring to a party when providing the entertainment, if you have moved all your rekkids to digital.   

       This would allow me to use my actual records, and make a setlist on my way to a gig if I wanted to change it.   

       Thanks for reading Max, and finding things that others would have noticed if they (Una) read the idea.   

       Bacon, the screen would show everything a normal iPod would, when playing music, or videos. Videos use screens. Maybe just a visualization when the record is playing.   

       I guess it would be absurd for Apple to try to get a share of the pro DJ market?   

       Thanks for input.
Giblet, Feb 02 2008

       Contained records in a sealed unit with a laser reading them?   

       It's not that high powerd a laser :)
Giblet, Feb 02 2008


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