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or maybe the confetti elevator
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This is an elevator that has decorative little sparklies stored in the ceiling. When the elevator starts to move, tiny showers of sparkles, glitter,stars, or confetti come trickling down onto one's hair and clothing. When you step out of the elevator, it appears you have just come from some fab party or celebration.

{there will be no sushi confetti, absolutely not}

xandram, Jun 14 2010

labelled elevator for [bigsleep] http://www.angryhip...chedelic_Sounds.jpg
[xandram, Jun 18 2010]

disco vader http://www.youtube....watch?v=ERnQKlXbE8o
[jaksplat, Jun 18 2010]


       Health hazard in so many respects!   

       If this is the lift at a workplace, imagine trying to convince your boss that you've just been down to the post room on urgent business, when your hair is all glittery.   

       Imagine the litigation when some unsuspecting passenger breathes in a lungful of glitter and gets hospitalised.   

       There's bound to be spare glitter all over the floor of the lift that hasn't been caught by any passenger's hair or clothing. This makes for a seriously slippery surface - more litigation.   

       Fix the idea by making it optional: have a lackey ride the life with a shaker of glitter and sparkles ready to shower any passenger who specifically requests it (and signs the appropriate release form). This fix also has the benefit of job creation (what ever happened to all those redundant lift operators anyway?). The new lift attendant uniform should probably be more like Tinkerbell though.
Tulaine, Jun 14 2010

       well, I guess *tiny showers* doesn't mean that stuff comes pouring down on one's head. you have gone way too serious on this and that's ok, I respect your fishbone.( and I love paragraph one, because it's none of your boss's business where you have been before work, as long as you are not intoxicated.) I don't think you should tell me to *fix the idea by making it optional*- that would be another elevator.(do you realize that this is the halfbakery?)
xandram, Jun 14 2010

       Rather than showering the glitter inside the actual elevator, how about using this concept with exterior view elevators and having the glitter air blown into the shaft above the elevator car? Properly lighting the shaft at night would make the car look like a magically sparkling carriage from the heavens descending to earth. Since all of the glittering confetti pieces would be confined to the elevator's air shaft there would be no environmental contamination or mess for the occupants.
jurist, Jun 14 2010

       [jurist] that is a lovely idea. +
xandram, Jun 14 2010

       +1 and to [jurist] too
po, Jun 14 2010

       [+] I like - I'm almost tempted to suggest strong blasts of wind, bits of streamers and some method of insinuating a champagne glass into the occupant's hand so that they step in all neat and business like, ride to their floor and emerge, englittered, hair and clothes ruffled by the wind, clutching a champagne glass and looking a bit bewildered.
zen_tom, Jun 17 2010

ryokan, Jun 17 2010

       oh [zen tom] how lovely! I had almost thought the days of the whimsical hb had gone by, but you have restored my faith in whimsy!! thank you!
xandram, Jun 17 2010

       Health hazard in so many respects! (+)
Voice, Jun 17 2010

       I so love this. Very, very much.
blissmiss, Jun 17 2010

       What a fun and festive idea!
dentworth, Jun 17 2010

       Lovely (if potentially horrifying for OCD sufferers)!   

       To avoid englittering occupants, the glittervator could instead get its essential glitteryness from (a) being glass exterior lift and (b) having between its panes of glass a possibly coloured glitterfilled liquid of the correct viscosity that when the lift ascends of descends, the glitter shifts and swirls in entrancing patterns.
calum, Jun 18 2010

       [calum] as [jurist] suggested something similar, I think that's a great idea but REALLY [zen tom] gets what I'm saying!!
party on brother
(I love the outside glitter idea, too.)
xandram, Jun 18 2010

       I'd love to see xandram and jurist combine their ideas for super bunnage. Maybe have the sparkle filled tube the elevator moves in and a switched valve that would let the glitter come in from the elevator ceiling when you push a button.   

       Fun people and kids would definately push the button.   

       Serious types might not like it but who cares what serious people think?
doctorremulac3, Jun 20 2010

       I am always happy to collaborate with the beautiful and talented [xandram]. All the credit here is due to her.
jurist, Jun 21 2010

       oh [jurist] I'm batting my glittery eyelashes!! ;)
xandram, Jun 21 2010


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