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gravy gland

always have your favorite sauce to hand.
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Ever been out in the world with a meal and not be able to find your favorite condiment? A special gland to make gravy, ketchup, bbq sauce or any other liquid lovley could be developed and attached to your body in a cosmetic, convienient and socially acceptable place. If you get bored of your new best friend it could be replaced or reprogrammed with new flavors. I envisage a new future where you can go to a resteraunt and have your choice of a beutiful person with a set of these giving the diner a choice of saucyness without having to unbutton his/her shirt. Teenagers will set a new extreme trend and have several mustard glands on their faces.
mattas8472, Jan 29 2004


       "Teenagers will set a new extreme trend and have several mustard glands on their faces."   

       I thought they already have...
timbeau, Jan 29 2004

       So would you spit mustard over your food from the mustard gland, or would it just mingle in your mouth?
kropotkin, Jan 29 2004


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