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to reduce gridlocking on motorways
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to reduce gridlocking on motorways it would be an idea to induce drivers of commercial vehicles and also private motorists to travel during the hours of midnight and 0600. To do this I would suggest removing speed limits on motorways between these times. The effects of this would be to enable drivers making long distance journeys do so in a much shorter time. It would mean that a large part of the commercial long haul traffic would travel when the motorways are virtually empty. This would subsequently reduce the gridlocking caused by having traffic flow exceed capacity which now alas frequently occurs.There may be a suggestion that it could increase the number of accidents however I believe that having hgvs travelling on much emptier roads would infact reduce accidents.
tom oreilly, Jan 05 2001

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       You get a positive vote simply for not using the word "incentivize."   

       I think that this would drastically increase the number of highway deaths at night. It's darker and people are sleepier (those who didn't have the good sense to prepare for a night drive, anyway). Plus, some people just don't have the cars or desire to travel with a fast moving pack of vehicles. So, actually, you get a negative vote, which cancels the positive vote and leaves me neutral.
centauri, Jan 05 2001

       It would help if tolls were dropped at dusk.
reensure, Jan 06 2001

       A limited form of this idea might work: Drop the speed limit during those hours *only* on the express lanes of highways that have them. Quadruple the drunk driving penalties on those parts of the highway.
badoingdoing, Jan 06 2001

       Can commercial vehicles (trucks, vans) go much faster than the existing limit? They seem to stuggle as it is.
pottedstu, Oct 10 2001


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