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helium assisted leapfrog
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Make an "x" shaped inflatable (15-20ftlong?) that has inside it's legs some preformed carbon fiber rods. There are actually 2 sets of rods, connected at the top where they come together and connected to the center inside of the inflatable, though slighty offset at the bottom, as though one has laid 2 "x's" upon each other and turned the top one slighty.

The legs are in semi circle (picture the flexible tent supports) so the whole contraption resembles a 4 legged spider.

I haven't done the math but think if it was filled with helium, one might lie on top of it and be much lighter reletive to the strength of the muscles used to control it.

/the idea/ here is to attach ones arms and legs to this object and, laying on top, let one spring forward and cover a greater distance than normal. The legs might need to be actaually shaped a bit in the manner of normal frog legs to achieve this. Also might need to run giant rubber bands just under the cf rods to an attached point a few inches below the center point attachment to give it added spring.

I could easily leapfrog to the nearest grossery to get a can of flies. err.. some apple pies.


nth, Nov 14 2005


       I think that what you gain by reducing the average density of your augmented person, you more than lose by the added wind-resistance, encumbrance, mass etc.
Texticle, Nov 14 2005

       I wanna see the math before I'll believe this.
moomintroll, Nov 14 2005

       Bun for "grossery". But I am not eating at your place.   

       This has an advantage over a baloon suspeced above you in that the balloon below would serve to cushion your descent. I am not sure you will look too cool in the spreadeagled position you propose. Especially not if it is "ribbid" for your pleasure. Could you not ride it like a 20 foot inflatable mechanical bull?   

       Elsewhere on the HB I am pretty sure there are calculations of helium's lifitng power.
bungston, Nov 14 2005

       I was a bit dissapointed when I saw this has nothing to do with the three-times-one -letter-up-from-IBM Hal so I was inclined to bone but it's so good you get my bun anyway.
zeno, Nov 14 2005

       At least the frogs would croak at a pitch inaudible to humans.   


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