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hair replacement

idea for permanent cure for baldness
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as i enter my thirties, i'm starting to become 'follicly challenged.' sometimes late at night i watch those infomercials for hairloss solutions. weaves aren't for me - too wiggy. and have you ever seen a hair transplant operation on the learning channel?!? yuck.

i think, "what would i rather have?" here's what i've baked up:

manufacture artifical little hairs, many different colours and thicknesses etc. each little fake hair has a microscopic little barb on it. each hair is fired out of a gun and into my scalp where it behaves just like my normal hair. you can cut them, style them etc...

so they might eventually fall out by rejection processes or everyday tugs and tussles. no prob. you just fire in more hairs as you need them. they could even be self applicated! as you age you could stick in the odd grey hair to blend in.

then again, maybe all this extra sunlight hitting my scalp is baking my brains...

pixelswisher, Jun 28 2000


       Oh! I truly like this idea...I think you should develop it further. I would bet the research funding is out there. But are you sure you want to be shooting something at your head? Other than that though, great idea.   

       Until this one hits the market, just remember that some women like bald men.
rebelle, Jul 06 2000

       I think they'd fall out at a greater rate than normal hair, so the artificial hairs should be biodegradable so they don't clog up your plughole.   

       Also, little barbs might be painful, so perhaps glue would be better? A heat activation system would enable you to style your hair (or ensure they are evenly spread) before permanently setting.   

       On the other hand, the little barbs might stimulate your scalp to grow real hair!
Lemon, Jul 06 2000


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