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half and half restaurants

can't decide what meat you want?
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After recent developments (cow impregnated with the DNA of an ox) combo meals will take on a whole new meaning. Ever been out for a steak and couldn't decide on ostrich or sirloin? Well how about a sirrich or ostloin. The meat combinations are endless. What about a chain of restaurants each serving variations based on one meat (e.g. ostrich restaurant -- ask "can I have deer in that?). My mouth is watering already
hungry, Oct 12 2000

optimizing food assemblies http://www.halfbake...20food_20assemblies
See the second annotation for a non-GM way this could be done... [egnor, Oct 12 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       "Waiter, there's NO fly in my soup..."
Alcin, Oct 18 2000

       You could genetically re-engineer your own self and snack on pork that emerges from your arm.
Vance, Jan 31 2001

       Eeek. Foot and beak disease, mad ostriches, where would that end?   

       Sorry sir, under European legislation it is now illegal to eat a t-bone thigh of chicken. We can offer you stewed fish-feet though.
Pineapple, Jun 15 2001

       Anybody that indecisive deserves to be demoted a few places on the food chain.
Fink, Jul 20 2002

       Bart's "evil" twin: "No, it's easy... look, I made a pigeon-rat."
billumberg, May 06 2005


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