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halfbakery apprenticeship scheme

Mentoring the next generation of halfbakers
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Halfbakers grow old and die; we reminisce about the quality we have lost.

Youngsters may find their way here and start posting, but we can do better than that.

Proposed is a formal mentorship scheme, whereby an old and established halfbaker takes on an eager yet inexperienced youth as an apprentice.

For the first few weeks or months the apprentice can just tidy up, spotting spelling mistakes or grammatical errors (or indeed hanging punctuation perhaps?

Then they will be given specific tasks to do, which are both useful and educational, such as category selection, finding relevant links, and checking for prior art.

Eventually the apprentice will make a series of "test piece" posts under the supervision of their master.

Having completed their apprenticeship, the young halfbaker can now set off on a glittering career, posting stupendous ideas and withering annotations to the eager squeals of their admiring hangers-on.

pocmloc, Jun 14 2021

DO NOT CLICK https://www.halfbak...itorial/signup.html
Dangerous, do not follow link [pocmloc, Jun 17 2021]

make new curse words New_20Curse_20Words
[xandram, Jun 17 2021]


       I like this and I don't like it. Satire?   

       The young should break things and challenge the status quo sometimes, or else we become a good old halfbakers club.   

       Then there the difficulties that come with inexperience...
RayfordSteele, Jun 14 2021

       I'm in as a student. I'm currently in the process of changing my attitude to everything else, so why not halfbakery?
pashute, Jun 14 2021

       //...spotting spelling mistakes or grammatical errors (or indeed hanging punctuation perhaps? ??   

       That missing parentheses made me twitch. Well played.   

       BTW, when and where do these 'admiring hangers-on' appear?
AusCan531, Jun 15 2021

       //BTW, when and where do these 'admiring hangers-on' appear?//   

       Ah, now there's the rub.   

       Kidnapping & indoctrination seems the obvious answer but with the Borg unavailable to lend any assimilation tech & Sturton on sabbatical since his employer left us we're sadly deficient in any appropriate skill sets that might be applied to that end at the moment, so, perhaps a promotional event of some sort instead?   

       Or, & I'm just bouncing ideas off the wall here you understand, maybe those with offspring could coerce their spawn to partake of pixilated baked products by making their pocket money & phone privileges reliant on a certain level of weekly bakery activity ;D
Skewed, Jun 15 2021

       // I'm currently in the process of changing my attitude to everything else, so why not halfbakery?//   

       Well said indeed.   

       There was a conversation when I first found this place between [bristolz] and I think it might have been [Idischler] where one said to the other; (and I paraphrase, this was a long time ago), "This place could be quite a resource for those seeking to learn."   

       ...so I stuck around. Whichever of them said that..., (if it was even either one of them, i'ts been decades now), made me go;   


       Let's see...   


       ...and here we are decades in the future and I can honestly say that whomever said that was entirely correct. My high-school-dropout-ass would have learned far less had I not stumbled on this site.   

       This site is a treasure trove of half-thought-through awesomeness waiting for a fellowship-follow-through of those with skills.   

       //This site is a treasure trove of half-thought-through awesomeness//   

       Sometimes I sneak through some 3/8ths-thought-through ones.
AusCan531, Jun 15 2021

       Whilst I like the idea, I think people should find their own way here because it’s magical. Maybe there are ways we can direct students to find their enlightenment without actually taking them under our wing. Remember all halfbakers are kind of twisted, and this could be a touchy subject when it comes to opening your mind.   

       i’m going to give a bun because there are a lot of good ideas here.+
xandram, Jun 16 2021

       Would the halfbakery be the same without [beanangel], [Vernon] and the rest being themselves to the early irking of us? I'd hate to turn our flavorful if a bit odd croissant into overprocessed Wonderbread.
RayfordSteele, Jun 16 2021

       I never lacked people picking me up on spelling, punctuation and general writing skills. But, when mistakes are gently brought to your attention with an underline here or a crossed out/inserted letter there, it never made much impact. Being mercilessly, relentlessly and repeatedly mocked worked much better.   

       An apprenticeship might dull that experience somewhat. Maybe the first 5 ideas could be somewhat moderated by an old hand:   

       "Nice idea [Newbie001], but it fails a few of the standards we apply here. As it stands, it's an unentertaining, poorly -written description of an obsolete idea. Fix those points and we'll have another go, eh?"
bs0u0155, Jun 16 2021

       //Being mercilessly, relentlessly and repeatedly mocked worked much better.//   

       Ok I can't argue against that. So instead of this idea let's just mercilessly, relentlessly and repeatedly mock anyone who strays within range.
pocmloc, Jun 16 2021

       I seriously hero-worshipped (and maybe still do) a number of folks whose knowledge, wit and communication skills far exceeded (and continue to exceed) my own. They were my mentors, though they probably never knew it.
zen_tom, Jun 16 2021

       Your mentors through a process somewhat similar to being the third wheel to a literary version of the three stooges? requires a degree of masochism to truly enjoy, I actually miss being pulled up as often as I was at the beginning here, sometimes anyway, but then the clue may be in the handle I chose ;)
Skewed, Jun 16 2021

       I'd prefer the opposite approach, really. Assign over-enthusiastic,young things, with new ideas, new methods & a ton of new energy to re-invigorate us tired, old halfbakers.
DrBob, Jun 17 2021

       Dr. That is exactly what I'm in need of. I'm feeling a wee bit on the tired side of the bakery lately.
blissmiss, Jun 17 2021

       that is so true about getting beat up all the time. When I first arrived here Dr. Curry and UnaBubba tormented me to no end! I struggled and held my ground and Learned. There were so many more people back then and I think it’s harder now with so few ‘bakers around. but kudos to all of us who are still here and who knows who might show up any day…
xandram, Jun 17 2021

       [blissmiss & DrBob] I agree, or maybe we need the "Old Halfbakers' Retirement Home"
hippo, Jun 17 2021

       // Eventually the apprentice will make a series of "test piece" posts under the supervision of their master. //   

       As such, are we allowed to address the young apprentice as "grasshopper"?
whatrock, Jun 17 2021

       I was thinking we also need a way to attract new bakers to the site. I followed a link from an astrology site that said* do you want to make new swearwords?* and here I was/ am. I often wondered who posted that link, most likely the author of the astrology site. I know we have some very computer savvy bakers here and maybe they could go around posting links to the place from other places! I don’t know really, like I said it was really magical for me.
xandram, Jun 17 2021

       //an astrology site//? //make new swearwords//?   

       Wha... all kinds of questions about that. Starting with: why does an astrology site want you to make new swearwords?   

       Does the making of new swearwords really need any help?   

       Certainly this place is full of creativity and occasional swearing - but not the first place I'd suggest to someone who wanted to make new swearwords and needed help.
Frankx, Jun 17 2021

       Maybe it was a warning. <DON't CLICk THIs LINk!!!>
pocmloc, Jun 17 2021

       [Frankx] I don’t believe I know you but nice to meet you. The astrology site I was on is by Rob Brezny, who is much more than an astrologer. he is a free thinker. I’m not sure if it was him or how the link was included in what I was reading, but word play is one of my favorite things to do. I was such a noob that I posted my swearwords in my profile page because I did not know how the site worked. I eventually figured it out and have been here since 2005. On and off of course, but at least lurking if not baking or commenting. The swearwords had nothing to do with the astrology site but I assume it was for play and freethinking.   

       I posted a link to the idea so you can make some words if you want! I see that I never made any words after my blunder of posting in my profile . fuckypoo
xandram, Jun 17 2021

       Astrology is surely the antithesis of 'free thinking'
hippo, Jun 17 2021

       //Astrology is surely the antithesis of 'free thinking'//   

       I don't know about that. It's pretty free, it certainly isn't constrained by the possible or taste.
bs0u0155, Jun 17 2021

       Yes true - I was thinking of not free in the sense of it professing to be 'ancient wisdom' which cannot be questioned
hippo, Jun 17 2021

       //it certainly isn't constrained by the possible or taste.//   

       Or indeed, 'thinking.'
RayfordSteele, Jun 17 2021

       //There were so many more people back then// Many of them ran out of ideas and were wrung out like damp dishclothes. Several were excellent and greatly missed….. wagster, bungston, Dr Curry, Ben Frost etc. Some checked out permanently to avoid defeat... Max, 8th etc. I'm still here! Ha
xenzag, Jun 17 2021

       //I'm still here!// Yes, but you've only been here 15 years
hippo, Jun 17 2021

       Hi [xandram] - I've been here a while, but I've not said much for ages. Wow, checking out the "new curse words" is like .5B archaeology!
Frankx, Jun 17 2021

       //or maybe we need the "Old Halfbakers' Retirement Home"//   

       My vote is for an orbital old folks home.
A little half-G tennis in the morning and maybe a nice dip in the zero-G pool floating unconstrained at the aquatic centre in the afternoon.

       //zero-G pool// this makes me nervous
pocmloc, Jun 17 2021

       //the "Old Halfbakers' Retirement Home"//

"Ideas were so much better when I was a lad. It all started going downhill when they let that young fella Disraeli be Prime Minister. Of course, I shall go on halfbaking forever now that I am getting that wonderful bee hormone treatment..."
DrBob, Jun 17 2021

       Some people are very judgmental about where *ideas* come from. I think one can get an idea from anywhere, even if it isn’t somewhere that intellectuals deem worthy.
xandram, Jun 17 2021

       // Yes, but you've only been here 15 years// – That proves my point.... I'm still fresh and frolicing like a gibbon in a toy store warehouse.
xenzag, Jun 18 2021

       //where *ideas* come from// I get mine printed on little rolled up pieces of rice paper which I find in my belly button every morning. I've been posting an average of one of these every four days for 16 years now.
xenzag, Jun 18 2021

       //one of these every four days// - that's good! - one every 13.5 days for me <restrains from making cheap jibe about quality vs quantity>
hippo, Jun 18 2021


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