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halfbakery messages

half baked message system
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Just wondering if there could be a message system on half bakery. You could leave PMs to people if you wanted to tell them something, but didn't want to make it public or couldn't find one of their ideas to post on. I think this would be a good idea if it isn't taxing on the system. If spam becomes a problem you could limit the amount of messages a person can send in a specific amount of time, or use random pictures with random words in them and have them input the word into the box whenever the person sends a message.


       what if you want some clarifying about the idea without leaving other people with a negative impression?   

       If you're really concerned about it, choose your words carefully. It is possible to ask questions of most of the contributors here without them taking it personally. Ask humbly and respectfully, not haughtily and brusquely and questions will generally be accepted in the same spirit and answered without ruffled feathers.   

       If you disagree with something, give a reason as to why you disagree. Most of us are adults here and will return courtesy for courtesy. But, there are no set rules, so don't be too upset if the spirit of your annotation is misconstrued. It happens.   

       If an active halfbaker has posted an e-mail address on their profile, they'll usually respond favorably to inquiries made through that channel.
half, May 10 2004

       Finally, you can always annotate and ask to be contacted by the author - that lets them keep their privacy with the rest of the crowd. But mostly, just ask out loud anyway.
jutta, May 10 2004

       Well put, half.
lostdog, May 10 2004

       There's actually a secret message hidden in every Halfbakery idea.
DrCurry, May 10 2004

       [DrC] I thought we weren't supposed to tell them about the coded messages until they had been a member of the HB for at least 6 months. Did the rules change while I was away?
Klaatu, May 10 2004

       Didn't say where to look, did I?
DrCurry, May 11 2004

       Welcome to the hb btw [dmwrh] !
neilp, May 11 2004

       I'm so relieved to know we can trust you with all of our closley guarded secrets, Klaatu.
Letsbuildafort, May 11 2004

       [lbaf] I was mostly impressed with the "guaranteed croissants" method of setting up your profile page. The HB handshake really gives me the heebee-jeebeez though.
Klaatu, May 11 2004

       Thanks, Klaatu - But I know I really SHOULDN'T do that, though.
Letsbuildafort, May 11 2004

       Ah ! THEY still think there's only ONE message in each idea ! We're SAFE, SAFE ! AHAHAHA !.
finflazo, May 11 2004

       THEY ONE SAFE SAFE AHAHAHA. Hmm, I think I need a more up to date code book.   

       [dmwth] Put an email address on your profile page. Feel free to add spaces, random punctuation or <nospam>. But there is just no need to go to Detly or Tiger Lily like lengths.   

       If you want to contact someone else, put halfbakery in the email subject. Thats probably the best way to get peoples attention. (I just hope the Nigerian spammers don't figure it out or we'll all be doomed. Doomed I tell you.)
RobertKidney, May 11 2004

       Someone kindly pointed out that I'd tried a little *too* hard...
Detly, May 11 2004


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