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heat-sensitive colour-changing baby-blanket

See if your baby is too hot/cold
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See: Title & subtitle for details.
marklar, Sep 20 2007

Heat-sensitive Colour-changing Baby-grow http://www.techdige...i_was_amazed_t.html
Possibly a better idea, but damn 12.5 million pounds. [marklar, Oct 19 2011]

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       Thank goodness you didn't use "Novelty " in the idea's title. I should give you a croissant just for that.   

       But I won't.   

       However, if you could somehow make it a heat-sensitive colour-changing moisture-sensitive diaper-changing baby blanket you'd have a truly great idea and my bun.
Canuck, Sep 20 2007

       I bet it monitors carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels too...
hippo, Sep 20 2007

       It's hard to see the colour of the blanket in the dark room where baby is sleeping. Also, it's the temperature under the blanket not on top that's important.
theNakedApiarist, Sep 20 2007

       if the room is cold and your baby's fingers are cold, then they are cold; get another blanket or turn up the heat. if the room is hot and the baby's head is sweaty and overheated, remove some blanketing and turn down the heat.
k_sra, Sep 20 2007

       what if you like the colour of your baby?
po, Sep 20 2007


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