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heated pot plants

Keep pot plants warm
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Some pot plants don't like the cold; in winter they may be too cold even indoors. The pots should have a (low-power) heating element to keep the plant warm.
Ed Avis, Dec 13 2002

Per thumbwax http://www.quicktrading.com/tips16.html
[DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       I like this idea, and would also like to add another possibility. I'm not a chemist, but I'm imagining that there could be some nutritional compound that will emit heat when it comes in contact with water. (similar to ice-melt pellets?) It could be packaged in a disposable drip tray or some such object. When moisture reaches the tray, the compound emits heat proportionally and fertilizes the soil as well. I guess over-watering could be a problem though, unless you also like your potatoes pre-baked?
X2Entendre, Dec 13 2002

       Plant lighting ain't hot enough?
Later, after link provided by DrCurry
I used to have one of Ed Rosenthal's books, heh. Purely for research porpoises, of course. Got it in 19...80 I think...
thumbwax, Dec 13 2002

       Lighting vs heated pots would depend on which part of the plant you need to heat. Lights would mainly warm the above-ground parts of the plants whereas a heated pot would warm the soil its elf, which may, in some circumstances, be preferable.
It should perhaps be noted that everything I plant dies very shortly thereafter.
angel, Dec 13 2002

       They do it with reptiles why not plants?
talen, Dec 13 2002

       I have the same problem, angel. Not so much green fingers as the black hand of death.
DrBob, Dec 13 2002

       Whenver I bury a seed, I wave it good-bye because it's the last time I'll ever see it.
angel, Dec 13 2002

       yes, I put insulating material underneath my pots to reduce heat being lost to the ground   

uked, Dec 27 2002


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