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helium speaker

verTical Tube of helium wiTh a speaker on Top
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sound waves in helium Travel aT more Than Twice The speed of sound in air. a verTical Tube wiTh a speaker on Top filled wiTh helium could make a greaT pipe organ Type amplifier, i figure The helium may disperse evenTually, buT iT mighT be a neaT experiemenT. jusT anoTher half baked idea for oThers To ponder.
Testy, Aug 05 2000

Eventide Harmonizer http://www.eventide.com/profaud/harm.htm
No need to use gas. As egnor points out, anything you can do by changing gas density you can do by changing tube length. If you want to change the pitch of any audio source, use a gadget like the Harmonizer. Can make McLaughlin Group sound like the Chipmunks or Melanie Griffith sound like Darth. [rmutt, Aug 05 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Testy, what is it with the T's? ThaT Is Annoying.
StarChaser, Aug 05 2000

       A tube filled with helium would have a higher resonant frequency than the same tube filled with air. That means, to achieve the same note, a helium pipe organ would need bigger pipes.   

       I think a better idea is a speaker filled with uranium hexafluoride gas. That way you could make a compact pipe organ that takes up less space but can still produce those booming deep notes.
egnor, Aug 05 2000

       I was hoping this was going to be a speaker that made human voices exceptionally high-pitched.   

       I would pay good money for something that made it sound like the cast of the McLaughlin Group had been snorting helium just before showtime.
Uncle Nutsy, Aug 07 2000

       I want to know why "Testy" isn't spelt "TesTy".
hippo, Aug 08 2000

       "T" button on his keyboard sends only the cap impulse, that's what with the T's. However, we don't sign our little contributions ourselves courtesy of our host, hence the correct spelling (and what a relief!)
Crrash4, Aug 17 2000


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