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match up for entrepreneurs
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The site brings together like-minded entrepreneurs looking to form a business partnership. Users would fill out a profile about themselves and the type of business partner that they are looking for. They would then see potential matches, and you could send messages to the people who might be a good match.
goodmars, Mar 29 2009

List of startup job sites http://mashable.com...startup-jobs-sites/
[toodles, Aug 13 2009]


       ph33r |\/|y 1137 5|<!11><0|25</sarcasm>
Spacecoyote, Mar 29 2009

       what's your definition of disgraced?
goodmars, Mar 29 2009

       Not bad, mix it in with Google Ventures and you could have something.
RayfordSteele, Apr 04 2009

       thanks rayford. just googled google ventures and I must say there's really no stopping them now...
goodmars, Apr 05 2009

       I've seen some websites out there targeted to startup phase jobs...I'm not sure if they are really targeted to finding partners though.
toodles, Aug 13 2009


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