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Work ports and Free flowing work

Get vetted by a single job interview
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Imagine if train stations were shopping centres, offices and residential tall buildings all rolled into one. I call them work ports.

Free flowing works means this: Imagine there was a company, WorkExcelsior that offers job interviews as a service, you get approved by this interview company, you can get a job at any of the companies that use that interview company. Once vetted by WorkExcelsior, I can get a job by looking at the window of a shop to see if they accept this accreditation. I don't have to pass a job interview. I can apply by app and get a job in minutes.

Then I can go to work at my local train station. If my company doesn't have offices at the local train station, I can jump on the WorkExcelsior train and be taken to a nearby city with offices for my company. Accreditation companies take the place of recruiters and premium accreditation companies are actually in demand. They sponsor commuting costs, as you get buses, trains, taxis branded with each accreditation company.

chronological, Jan 13 2020


       // Be fully commoditized//
sninctown, Jan 14 2020

       What's wrong with recruitment being fully commoditized?
chronological, Jan 14 2020

       I have no idea why you're bringing transportation up, it doesn't relate to the idea at all.
Voice, Jan 14 2020

       It's part of the universe that this idea operates in. Branded trains, buses, cars of the company you're accredited by.
chronological, Jan 15 2020


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