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herding horn

A truck drivers' long distance sound tool. (Trucks are just large load bearing cars)
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DISCLAIMER: This is not going to work on the windy, blind corners that natural geography throws up occasionally. (unless autonomous at feasible velocities)

With the advance in driver-less technology, surely it is possible to identify possible stock problems when the horn is pushed. With the clever procedural logic, those suspect animals should be warned off with a targeted horn.

Many targeted horns have been proposed here (some not being suitable for animal use) so there is Halfbakery precedence. This implementation would still have to be a high energy speaker array or analogous technology, to deliver a directional moo-ving sound.

wjt, Jul 28 2019

one example that leads to more Ventriloquist_20Horn
Prior art with Aussie truck and camel problem inspiration. [wjt, Jul 28 2019]

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