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historic specs vault

Library of locked propriatory data for future recovery
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I am trying to address the problem of having a piece of abandonware technology with no intricate data on it's operation .


When a company makes a piece of technology , they lodge all specs/drivers and architectural information with the database . This infomation is then locked . When the technology becomes obsolete, abandoned or the manufacturer deems, the files are then made public .

All technology is not made in isolation so therefore the public has a tiny right to try and recycle propriatory leftovers of the collective recursive effort that is science .

Also, as technology exponentially advances it is only going to get worse .

wjt, Dec 01 2008


       For most technology this is baked in the form of the patent office. For many others, the companies have their own "vault" for specs and such.
Spacecoyote, Dec 01 2008

       But [Spacecoyote], unless the company has invested in something like source code escrow, that vault vanishes with the company in the next economic shake-out.
pertinax, Dec 01 2008

       Oh, source code. I was thinking of devices and such.
Spacecoyote, Dec 01 2008

       Easier just to start from scratch, surely, than to faff about trying to comprehend someone else's source code?
Texticle, Dec 02 2008

       Usually, unless its something unusual, there's been a lot of that lately.
Spacecoyote, Dec 02 2008

       Or operation manuals for old hardware like house alarm or reticulation systems which are almost incomprehensible when you have them, let alone 10 years later when you don't. [+]
superjohn, Dec 02 2008


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